In the U.S oreos and the 4th most liked food in america…

Mostly made up of 23 grams of sugar. 370 empty calories with almost no nutritional things, you could eat 2 whole chicken breasts for the same amount of calories 6 cookies have 12 grams of fat, 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 40 carbs, more than 50% of your daily carbohydrate allowance in only 6 cookies. Oreo cookies will set you up for craving more sugar within hours. Natural flavors are manufactured chemicals to make oreos taste like great chocolate cookies. Processed foods have these flavor enhancers which are nothing more than chemicals with no natural flavors of their own high sugar content. Sugar depletes our immune system, creates lots of inflammation in the body. A lot of people like to take it apart and eat the middle and the outside or just throw out the outside, others like to dip it, drench it , or almost dissolve it in milk or the boring people who just eat it plain. There are many diferent types of oreos, regular, white, mint, birthday cake, pumpkin spice, apple, red velvet, berry, triple double, peanut butter, brownie, fudge, berry, lemon, s’mores, heads or tails, keylime, reeses peanut butter cup, chocolate, and more coming.


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