spring break

This spring break I went to Washington D.C with Dave Newman it took about a day to get there. On the first day we went to the capital, there we visited the gallery and the old  part of it, we also went to the wax museum and saw all the presidents and famous people, they had a place where you could make a wax imprint of your hand or hands. On the second day we went to Arlington and looked at the Kennedys graves and saw the internal flame and went to the tomb of the unknown solider and saw the changing of the guard and we placed a wreath, we also went to the WW2 memorial. On the third day we went to George Washingtons house, we went to the Lincoln, JFK, and Korean memorials. On the final day we went to the Washington monument and got to go to the very top and look out the windows, I saw the rock that Iowa gave D.C, we went to the holocaust museum and got a person and had to go on a journey some people lives others died. after that we went to a couple museums and then we went in the metro and took a train to a mall witch was our final destination. On the way back we stopped somewhere with a ice skating rink and I ice skated. 


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    The trip sounds like a lot of fun, and educational. I’ve only been to D.C. once, but I would like to go back! If you were able to go on another school trip like this, where would you go?


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