college visit

Yesterday I went to DMACC for robotics and engineering, it was really cool to see where they make the molds of things and how steel gets made into lots of things we saw how robots do a lot of things for us today and how they work, they told us a little about how there programmed. The thing that suprised me the most was the temperature you need to melt steel and how to make it soft again or this air magnet thing that works with granite. I would go to this college because I found out kids that graduate from there could end up with a job as soon as there done that pays 53,000 dollars, jobs will also pay there college tuition and some have them work while there in college. The college has about 30,000 plus kids and 26 buildings, there is a lot of people sitting in hall studying. Its a nice place, easy to get around. I’m pretty sure they said they give a lot of scholar ships and its not to expensive and still offers a lot of stuff. I would recommend it for people that like tools and computers ans science ┬ábecause that’s what they do a lot of there.

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